Heather's Living Art ~ belly painting
Prenatal Belly Painting
"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection"
- Rumi


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Mommy Testimonials

"My baby was dancing under her paintbrush, so I know she enjoyed it!" ~ Kim Manell

"Heather's artistic energy is soothing, spiritual and relaxing. It really was one of the most precious and memorable moments of my pregnancy." ~ Alicia Learn

"I will forever remember the experience, and will be pleased to show my daughter these photos one day." ~ Jackie Zimmerman

"The experience I had with Heather was the most positive and memorable one of all three of my pregnancies!" ~ Laura Devlin

"What Heather creates is beyond your imagination and expectations." ~ Michelle Rivera

"I'm not sure who enjoyed the belly painting more...me or my son!" ~ Kalli Causey

"I was not completely prepared at how truly amazing the final result would make me feel". ~ Pamela Barrera Kimball

"This was an absolutely wonderful bonding opportunity for a husband, wife, and unborn child to have together!" ~ Mimi and Mark Tyson

"It really does stand out as one of the coolest experiences of my life!" ~ Michelle Grey

"I can't think of a better way to celebrate pregnancy." ~ Laura Thompson

"Heather's energy is wise, humble creative and electric. This combination as an artist allows her to tap into the essence of the model she is working on." ~ Sophie Breeze

"You made me shine!" ~ Yesenia

"Heather has a personal touch that can not be described in words, its the experience that makes her painting spectacular" ~ Heather Banks Green

"Heather is a true professional, delightful company and takes the time to make you feel special." ~ Kathleen Aguilera

"Thank you for the best day of my pregnancy, I can't stop staring at my photos!" ~ Sally Tadros

"My son will someday Cherish these photos. I highly recommend this as a truly original gift." ~ Stella Dean

"I had never felt more beautiful." ~ Kayla Morucci

"At 8 months pregnant, Heather made me want to show off my bellly! I will treasure the pictures she took for ever." ~ Katherine Holland Bunnell

"Behind the camera Heather had the eye of an artist, knowing the right angels to shoot from to look my best." ~ Patricia Kahaune

"The picture's came out so beautiful, I cried looking at them. Thank you so much for the experience I will always remember." ~ Kristina Gonzalos

"I wanted to do something other than the traditional maternity photos. I decided on Belly Art because it looked fun, edgy and unique. It was the best decision! I was thoroughly impressed with Heather and her work." ~ Jackie Zimmerman


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Prenatal Body Painting
Heather's Living Art Prenatal Belly Paint


Prenatal Belly Painting is a beautiful celebration of new life, LOVE, color, creativity, and the divine feminine at her most glorious and fullest stage in life. It truly is a memorable and sacred experience for a mommy and her baby to be. To share the gift of artistic beauty at such a precious and sensitive time in a women's pregnant journey is the most rewarding experience of my life. I am so grateful to express my lifelong love and passion for drawing and painting thru body art and sharing priceless photos to be treasured for a lifetime. The process from beginning to end is a combined collaboration between artist and mommy to be. I honor and cherish that my canvases are the most beautiful miracles on Earth, recognizing that each women I paint is an artist of life. I believe every women, especially while pregnant deserves to feel pampered and beautiful like "LIVING ART." I am grateful to all the mommies who invite me to contribute to their amazing and treasured journey! I fell in love with the process when I was pregnant and continue to share the joy! I am grateful for my artful gift, because the gift I have is not about me, it's for others and how it affects their lives!! Live and Love Colorfully....:)

Namaste. Artist and Mommy - Heather Aguilera


Heather Aguilera · Phone: 786.797.4544 · St. Augustine, Florida · heatherslivingart@gmail.com

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